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Format: Feature film | Fiction


Synopsis: Jovita, 17 years old, Indian, mixed race, country. Slightly greenish, expressive eyes. Strong and agile body like a hummingbird. Courageous, she hears an instinctive call to dress as a man and enlist as a Brazilian soldier in the Paraguayan War (1864-70).


Production: Olhar Através, Grão Filmes e Pixys Produções Artísticas

Distribution: Lira Filmes


Director: Josafá Veloso

Screenplay: Josafá Veloso, Gabriel Miranda e Elza Cataldo

Production Director: Bruno Lottelli

Director of Photography: Giovanna Pezzo

Sound Direction: Sound of Black Maria

Musical Direction: Augusto Feres

Executive Production: Bruna Epiphanio and Roberto Lima

Executive Production Assistant: Raphael Paes

Casting Preparator and Choreographer: Andreia Pires

Executive Producer and Launch Coordinator: Juliana Lira


The project relies on resources from ProAC Editais for development and preparation.


Internet image

Format: Feature film | Fiction


Synopsis: In the 1970s, the Piracicaba River fell ill. Those who saw him as a loved one were sad and suffered from the consequences of pollution, Elias was one of them. The boy who grew from what the river had to offer, transformed the trash into life to live on the riverbank of peaceful fishing dolls and playing families. In addition to rescuing the childhood and adult life of the Piracicaba artist Elias dos Bonecos, told through the relationship between Elias and the Piracicaba river, the film unfolds based on the fables that the dolls, guardians of the river, created in the imagination of the population.


Production: Olhar Através

Coproduction: Hi Kigali

Screenplay: Ariadine Zampaulo

Producer and co-writer: Bruna Epiphanio

Research: Julia Madeira

Executive Producer: Raphael Paes

Coproducer: Hi Kigali


Image credit: Aristeu Victor

Format: 2D animation series | Children's


Synopsis: Vicente is a 4-year-old boy with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), he does not communicate verbally and because he does not know how to express himself, he has behavioral changes. Their way of learning is different, their socialization is impaired and therefore their autonomy is reduced. Situations that seem to be "simple and common" to children, for Vicente they are not. But, through the special gaze and the super power of empathy from his allies, Vicente will be guided to overcome his daily challenges in a creative way and thus gain doses of autonomy. Animapaps! proposes a healthy, light and fun environment where children with ASD and their families learn step-by-step daily activities that are challenging, enabling children to gain autonomy within their possibilities, gaining a new quality of life, in addition to showing, through of Vicente, his unique way of seeing the world.


Production: Olhar Através e ALUZAZUL


Director: Bruna Epiphanio

Screenplay: Patricia Venturoli, Camila Kater

Executive Producer: Tati Peres

Author and Technical Consultancy: Patricia Venturoli, Camila de Almeida Rocha

Author and Technical Consultancy: Naiara Hirota

Sound Direction: Isadora Maria Torres



Image Credit: ALUZAZUL

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